Five reasons for Hammer-It

With Hammer-it you can: 

1. Save ample time

  • Post your requirement in minutes.
  • Copy existing posts / events.
  • Negotiations are managed in minutes.

2. Take the guess work out

  • Select from rated PROS in your local area - no need to guess who is a good fit.
  • Lets rated PROS find your post and bid on your requirements.

3. Save cash

  • PROS are competing for your requirements, through reverse auction technology.
  • PROS are able to see how competitive they are, and lower their bid.

4. Be happy

  • Know you have a rated pro, with the best price for your requirement.

5. Go again!

  • Rinse, repeat and go again.
  • You'll love how easy it.


COO, Software firm 20+ years experience in Digital transformation