About Hammer-It

Hammer-It was founded in New York and due to our frustration of the current solutions to find suitable handyman in the area. Besides, we wanted to bring the advantages of an auction technology to the consumer market.

Picture of a team brainstorming and discussing the idea of Hammer-It

Where can you use Hammer-It?

Hammer-It is already available in New York City. Afterwards, we will focus on additional cities in the US, including Jacksonville and Austin.

New York

Already Available


Soon Available


Soon Available

Our team

Ben MachekBen Machek
COO & Co-founder

Experienced software consulting manager driving the digital transformation of tomorrow’s businesses

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CEO & Co-Founder

COO, Software firm 20+ years experience in Digital transformation 

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Catalin Udrea Catalin Udrea

Software engineer with substantial experience in developing software and mobile applications

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Sarah Mizzi Sarah Mizzi
Design Engineer

Front-End Developer & Digital Marketer with a passion for User Experience and User Interface Design

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